The "Memorial Site" Installation

“And the living shall take it to heart”, an installation created by Olaf Wegewitz, commemorates the destroyed site of worship.

The layout of the memorial site follows the floor plan of the synagogue's historical contours. A distinctive trail that runs through the site indicates the choreography of Jewish synagogue observance. The Torah cabinet which holds the Torah scrolls is positioned at the eastern end and faces east, and the “Bima” or lectern stands in the middle of the synagogue. The original dimensions are indicated by pieces of stone.

Rainwater, collected in a shallow basin where the Bima once stood, turns to vapor, signifying the connection between heaven and earth. The ornamentation replicates the painted interior decorations of the synagogue dome.

The Synagogue, constructed by human effort has been destroyed but Nature has taken hold of its domain.

The garden is Baroque in design and has been populated with trees and plants, including walnut trees, apple trees, acanthus, wheat and flax, mentioned in the Bible.

Terracott tiles with line drawings and the Hebrew names of the plants have been set in the ground to allow a walk through the garden.


The installation, “ And the living will taken it to heart,” requires care. Donations to the garden's support are tax-deductible. Donors who contribute more that 150 Euros will receive a terra cotta tile with a plant imprint and the signature of Olaf Wegewitz.

Donations may be sent to the following account:

Account number: 341 761 079| BLZ 810 520 00

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