The resources  of the Moses Mendelssohn Academy, held jointly with the Berend Lehmann Museum, include documents, photographs and artifacts which have been lent, donated or acquired.

Donations derive mainly from Jewish families who came from Halberstadt and its environs. Interviews with donors have been used to classify and interpret donations. These interviews connect effectively with our records of family history and genealogy.

Bakenstraße 1891

Archiving and digitalization have broadened the scope of  available materials bearing on the history of Jews in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Halbersta  in the Harz region. These new technologies provide access to important source materials  from the Prussian Privy State Archives, the County Archive in Magdeburg, and the Central Archive of the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem. These materials may be copied or filmed. Censuses of Jews, registries of Jewish properties, and court orders are among the documents that can be viewed.