The Museum's Holdings

Exhibits which show the history  of Halberstadt's Jewish community as a paradigm of Prussian Jewry are on permanent display.

A core  feature of the exhibition is the portrait gallery. Historical as well as current photographs tell the history of countless families who once lived in Halberstadt.  The Behrend Lehmann Museum maintains close contact with former Halberstadt families who continue to provide (literally “enrich”) us with ritual objects and other materials relating to  Jewish communal  traditions.
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Permanently on view  at the Berend Lehmann Museum are theme-based displays.  These include:

•     the fundamentals of Judaism as reflected in the life of the Jewish Community of Halberstadt;
•     the politics of the Grand Duke [ of Saxony?] and the destruction of the synagogue in 1669;
•    Berend Lehmann (1661-1730) as Court Jew in the European sphere;
•    Berend Lahmann as patron to the Jewish Community of Halberstadt;
•    Haskala ( the Jewish Enlightenment);
•    Neo-orthodoxy in Halberstadt;
•    the demise of the Community